Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you start the tours?

Cruise Ship Tours:

We are licensed for pickup and a guaranteed on time return to the cruise ship terminal. You will find your pedicab waiting for you a few feet from the passenger exit doors. Simply choose your tour start time with your reservation. We strongly encourage reservations for your cruise visit as we are very busy during cruise ship arrivals.

City Tours

  • Conveniently located Visitor Information Center: Get expert advice and start your tour amidst the bustling harbor scene.
  • Direct pickup at your downtown hotel: Enjoy the comfort of being picked up and dropped off right at your doorstep.

Start time for Cruise Ship tours?

My cruise ship is scheduled to arrive at the same time the tour is scheduled for, can you accommodate me? Absolutely, our start times for the cruise ship tours are in sync with the arrival time of your vessel. We understand that it takes a while for our guests to disembark, and we will be there ready for you.

Do you do tours in the evenings?

Yes! Victoria has late sunsets in the summer. There is lots of daylight for your tour. The downtown core is magical at night with many of the buildings dramatically lit.

Can we make stops during the tour?

Yes, dismounting opportunities are a pedicab tour advantage. We offer many stops during tours so that guest can visit sites, take photos (or have your guide take them for you), have a restroom break, pick up snacks or beverages or simply stretch your legs.

Are the tours suitable for families with kids?

Yes. Our experienced guides know how to keep the kids entertained while the adults relax. We often hear the children begging to go for a ride on our pedicabs. The kids know a fun thing when they see one! By request, we make stops to visit a petting farm. Seat belts help ensure little bottoms stay on their seats. Our guides also are familiar with many of the kid appropriate activities to do in the city.

Can we tour with wheelchairs and/or people with disabilities?

Yes, there is one step to climb and a handrail to assist in boarding. Your guide will make every effort to help. Collapsible wheelchair can be carried on the back of our pedicabs or arrangements can be made to have it stored at your hotel lobby or at the cruise ship terminal. For those with hearing or sight impairments, we make efforts to enhance the tour with descriptive narrative or stop so our guests can lip read. We will also limit dismounting opportunities in accordance with ability. For many with disabilities, our pedicab experience allows guests to see parts of Victoria that would otherwise be very difficult to visit.

Do the tours operate if weather is bad?

Yes, we do have rain canopies and rain skirts for your comfort.  Summer temperatures can range from 13°C to 25°C (55°F to 80°F) so please bring appropriate clothing for the trip. If the weather is particularly inclement, we will provide a full refund or make a rain check for later. We also have warm blankets for cooler evenings.

Do you operate in other languages?

Yes, by request and when available, our guides have been able to offer French, Spanish tours. Please call to see if we can accommodate.   

Are they safe?

Yes, very safe. All our cabs are professionally manufactured by Main Street Pedicabs near Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Safety features include disc brakes, seat belts and reinforced frames. Victoria is a very bicycle oriented town. On many streets, there are specially designed bike lanes. Guests constantly remark about how courteous drivers are towards cyclists and pedestrians. We are proud to announce that we have a perfect safety record since we began operations in 2001.

Is there a motor underneath the cab?

Yes! Our operators may have horse-like strength but we can serve you better if we focus on you, not panting up a hills. A tour typically covers 10 kilometres (6-7 miles) All of our bikes have a motor to assist on the hills.

Do you guarantee your tours?

Like any good business, we offer a full refund (and our apologies) if there is any reason that you have not enjoyed your experience.

What is your cancellation policy?

Tours can be cancelled or postponed when we receive 24 hours advance notice.